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Nissan has maintained a reputation as one of the most reliable vehicles of all time. The Nissan company offers a wide range of unique vehicles to choose from all at an affordable price. When your Nissan vehicle is involved in a collision, the Nissan company highly recommends having your vehicle repaired at a Nissan Certified Collision Repair Center. This ensures proper and safe repairs, exceptional customer service, and overall, a better repair service.

The Nissan company recognizes City of Stars Collision Center as a part of their Certified Collision Repair Network. We have completed all of the required training provided by Nissan and use only the proper tools and equipment. Here at City of Stars, we only use new OEM parts when your Nissan needs parts replaced. We also pre- and post-scan your vehicle throughout the repair process to ensure that all of the vehicle’s sensors are working and calibrated so the vehicle performs safely as designed to be.

Your Nissan vehicle is designed to keep you safe. Therefore, we would like to restore your vehicle back to its original condition. Regardless of the amount of damage to your vehicle, we will do our part as a Nissan Certified Collision Repair Center to get you back to feeling safe when you are driving your vehicle.

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