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Your uniquely designed Maserati was just involved in an accident and needs to be repaired back to its pristine condition. Although there are many body shops in the Southern California area, it’s crucial that you have your vehicle repaired at a Maserati Certified Collision Center. City of Stars Collision Center is an Advanced Tier-One Maserati Collision Repair Facility. Hence, we are qualified to repair all Maserati vehicles regardless of year or model.

Your Maserati was carefully crafted with a high performance engine to offer drivers luxury driving pleasures. Maserati vehicles are aluminum based and thus, require trained technicians, tools, and equipment to achieve proper repairs. Maserati has authorized City of Stars Collision Center to perform such repairs. During the repair process, we use new OEM parts purchased directly from a local Maserati dealership.

City of Stars also has each Maserati vehicle pre-scanned and post-scanned at the dealer. This ensures all sensors are calibrated and that the vehicle is performing safely as designed. City of Stars will strictly follow all of the manufacturer’s guidelines and specifications during the repair process to assure our customers that their Maserati vehicles will be repaired safely and correctly.

Taking your Maserati to a non-certified repair center will result in poor quality, unsafe, and improper repairs which could tamper with the integrity of your vehicle. Allow City of Stars Collision Center to have the opportunity to restore your Maserati vehicle back to its original condition in the proper and safe way.

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