GTR Certified Collision Repair Provider

The Nissan GT-R stands as a truly unique high-performance sports car, famous for its design and prowess. When it comes to collision repairs, it’s essential to place your trust in a Nissan GT-R Certified Collision Repair Provider, a choice backed by the necessary skills and technology. At City of Stars Collision Center, we proudly hold the distinction of being a Nissan GT-R Certified Collision Repair Provider. This designation reflects our commitment to completing all the required training and utilizing the necessary equipment. Opting for a certified facility when addressing the distinctive styling of your GT-R offers drivers the assurance that their vehicle has undergone safe and accurate repairs.

Furthermore, our dedication extends to the use of replacement parts during the repair process. We adhere strictly to the utilization of new OEM parts, which are sourced directly from a local Nissan dealership. This approach guarantees the integrity of the repairs, ensuring that your GT-R maintains its exceptional performance and design standards.

Nissan GTR Auto body repair shop

Throughout the repair process, your GT-R vehicle will be pre-scanned and post-scanned at the dealership to ensure that all your sensors are operating and that the vehicle is performing safely as designed to be. Regardless of the damage size on your GT-R vehicle, we will perform the necessary procedures set by the manufacturer to get you back into your vehicle feeling safe once again.

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