GTR Certified Collision Repair Provider

The Nissan GT-R is known to be one of the most unique high-performance sports cars that has ever been produced. Over the years, the GT-R has gained its respect both for the design and performance of the vehicle. If your GT-R was involved in an auto collision it is crucial for the vehicle to be repaired at a Nissan GT-R Certified Collision Repair Provider. This technologically advanced sports car requires proper training, skills, and equipment necessary to achieve proper repairs. 

City of Stars Collision Center is a Nissan GT-R Certified Collision Repair Provider serving all drivers across Southern California. City of Stars has completed all the required training and uses the required equipment which authorizes our collision center to perform any repairs on the class leading Nissan GT-R. Taking your unique styled GT-R to a certified shop will result in proper and high quality repairs done, which ensures drivers that their vehicle was repaired in the safe and correct way. If replacement parts are needed during the repair process, City of Stars Collision Center will strictly use new OEM parts, purchased directly from a local Nissan dealership.

Nissan GTR Auto body repair shop

Throughout the repair process, your GT-R vehicle will be pre-scanned and post-scanned at the dealership to ensure that all your sensors are operating and that the vehicle is performing safely as designed to be. Regardless of the damage size on your GT-R vehicle, City of Stars Collision Center will perform the necessary procedures set by the manufacturer to get you back into your vehicle feeling safe once again.

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